The Healing Power of Isa

Yusuf lay awake through the whole night in his hospital bed. His body was still burning with fever and writhing in pain. For six months, he could not eat or sleep. He was so weak, he could barely move. He was just a young man and already he was headed for the grave. Yusuf was confused. He was a practicing Muslim. He learned to say his prayers and even memorized Arabic portions of the Qur’an. Why did God bring such misery into his life? Why couldn’t the doctors find a cure?

While in the hospital, a small group of Christians who came to pray for the sick visited Yusuf weekly. Yusuf felt awkward watching those Christians pray around his bed, but he recognized the name Isa in whose name they prayed. From his study of the Qur’an, Yusuf remembered that Isa had the power to perform great miracles—even the power to raise the dead! Yusuf so desperately wanted to get well that he secretly looked forward to hearing that name. It offered him the only remaining hope. Nothing else seemed to work, not even the incantations of his mother who knew how to invoke the jinn.

On one unforgettable night, Yusuf actually fell asleep and had a dream. He saw Isa with arms outstretched on a cross. And he saw himself, kneeling at the foot of the cross. He saw a stream of blood rushing down from the cross onto his body. In his dream, he felt like he was being washed by a gushing river. Then he felt vitality enter his body and heard a voice speaking to him. Suddenly, Yusuf woke up and found himself waving his arms in the air. There was no pain! Yusuf had been completely healed! He knew without a doubt that it was Isa who touched him. Isa spoke to him in the dream and said, “Yusuf, you must be my servant.”

Today, Yusuf is a devout follower of Isa and serves him by bearing witness in his community that there is no God but Allah and that Isa truly is His anointed one—Al-Masih. He is the one anointed with authority and power to heal the sickness of peoples’ bodies and to heal the sin-diseaseof their hearts.

Yusuf learned from his own experience how Isa cleansed his heart from sin and healed his physical ailment. It all had to do with the blood of the Holy Qurban which flowed down from the Cross into his life. Yusuf has dearly suffered for his witness, but he remembers the miraculous touch of Isa in his life. He knows it is true, and he is willing to give his life for the sake of others that they too might find healing in the power of Isa Al-Masih. For Yusuf, this was the greatest of all life’s lessons!

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