How to Know God

It is one thing for us to know the will of Allah; it is entirely a different thing to know Allah, meaning to know Him in such a way that we continually commune with Him. This speaks of a relationship whereby Allah looks at us with eyes of adoration and we look at Him with eyes of adoration. The fact that Allah’s most predominant attributes are His mercy and compassion suggests to us that such an experience is not only possible, but actually desirable on the part of the Creator toward His prized creation, humankind. Because of these attributes, there is hope to believe that Allah is near, He is knowable, and He is accessible, even to ordinary believers like us. Just as a compassionate father loves and cares for his children, so does Allah love and care for us.
Though we speak of Allah as the Most High, the Exalted One, He does not wish to reside in some remote corner of the universe. No, He desires to reside in our hearts, as close to us as possible! And this relationship of spiritual intimacy is something which Allah has willed for us to enjoy, both in this life and the afterlife. Such is the essence of eternal bliss—to know Allah and to be linked to the majestic beauty of His presence for all eternity.

But there is a problem. Our hearts are contaminated with disease. It is the disease of sin. And Allah who is the Holy One cannot reside in a heart that is stained, no matter how slight. Indeed, the spiritual heart is in need of a healer. And only Allah can provide such a healing. He need only speak the words, “Be Healed,” and His will is done. That is what Allah did 2000 years ago when He spoke, and His Word descended on humankind in the person of Isa Kalimatullah, Jesus the Word of God. It is no wonder that Jesus the Messiah is cited as healing the blind and the leper, and even raising people from the dead. But bear in mind, these healings were a sign pointing to something even more miraculous. Not only did Allah authorize Jesus His Word to heal the body, He also authorized him to heal the heart. He came on behalf of Allah to speak forgiveness of sins to whoever listened and believed. To embrace Jesus as the healer of the spiritual heart is the same as to embrace the mercy of Allah personified. Jesus the Messiah is truly Allah’s revelation of mercy to the world and in that mercy is complete forgiveness.

Friend, you too can experience the gift of forgiveness in the name of Jesus the Messiah and you can know for sure that if you were to die tonight, you would be admitted into the presence of Allah for all time. Why not take a step of faith, stretch out your hands, and receive the gift by praying the following:

O merciful and compassionate Allah, I confess that my heart is contaminated by sin, and that without Your mercy, I am eternally lost. Grant to me the forgiveness of my sins in the name of Jesus the Messiah. I accept him as Your Word of mercy for me personally, and from this day forward, I shall follow him and declare him as my Savior—the one who saved me from the damnation of sin so that I may dwell in Your presence forever.  Amin.

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